Tooth Extractions

Our goal at Heritage Dentistry is to help you achieve your best, natural smile. With our expert dentist, Dr. Skousen, and an amazing dental team, we strive to restore and save all of your teeth. However, sometimes the best option for your oral and overall health is to remove a tooth. Here are a few common scenarios where Dr. Skousen may recommend a tooth extraction.

Large Decay

Excessive tooth decay can put your tooth’s stability at risk. Tooth decay forms when bacteria builds up on and around the tooth from eating everyday foods. When you brush and floss your teeth you wipe away most of this bacteria. Further, visiting Heritage Dentistry at our Frisco, Texas office every six months will remove hard-to-get bacteria. However, if you don’t remove the bacteria, it will start eating away the top two layers of your tooth, the enamel and the dentin. Once the decay reaches the inner layer of the tooth, the pulp, then you may need a root canal. If the decay is too deep the tooth may not be stable enough to support another crown and/or you may have an infection, Dr. Skousen may recommend a tooth extraction and replacing it with a prosthetic, also called a dental implant.

Gum Disease

Gingivitis or periodontal disease can also put your teeth at risk for infection and bone loss. Gum disease begins with a mild form of gingivitis, where bacteria collects in the gums around your teeth. If untreated, the bacteria will turn to plaque which will harden into tarter. Eventually, without periodontal treatment, the bacteria will cause the gums to recede and the bone will start to erode away. As the bacteria begins to reduce your teeth and gums, your blood vessels are exposed, making it easier for bacteria to spread to your blood, and throughout your body. Tooth infections don’t just affect the mouth. They can spread to the heart and other organs causing diseases like endocarditis. To avoid these complications, Dr. Skousen may recommend a tooth extraction to maintain good oral and overall health.

Overall, tooth extractions can be used to maintain your overall health and prevent serious oral and overall complications. For more information about tooth extractions or to plan your next visit to Heritage Dentistry, call our Frisco, Texas office at 469-535-6516.