Root Canals

Unfortunately, root canals have a bad reputation. However, they are necessary dental procedure that can reduce pain and improve the overall function and appearance of your smile. Your tooth is made of three main layers. Starting from the outside in, you have a layer of enamel, dentin, and pulp. The inner layer, pulp, is also called the root because it holds your tooth’s root(s) along with blood vessels. If the pulp is compromised by decay or a broken or chipped tooth, Dr. Skousen may recommend a root canal to remove the compromised root.

What Happens During A Root Canal?

A root canal typically takes a few appointments depending on the extent of your dental concern. The first appointment is usually a consultation. Dr. Skousen and his Heritage Dentistry team will explain the procedure. During the next appointment, Dr. Skousen will remove pulp, bacteria, and nerves from the tooth and perform the root canal. Before the procedure, the Heritage Dentistry team will apply a topical numbing agent and perform necessary sleep sedation. This will ensure your are comfortable during the entire procedure. After the root is removed, Dr. Skousen may fill the seal the area that day. If you have an infection in your tooth, he may recommend treating the infection with an antibiotic and sealing the area once your tooth is healthy again. Lastly, Dr. Skousen may apply a crown to cover large decay or broken and chipped teeth. After the appointment you will have a beautiful, functional new tooth and root!

Can I Have Sedation With A Root Canal?

Dr. Skousen offers a number of relaxing sleep medications for root canal procedures. From laughing gas to conscious sedation, Dr. Skousen and his team will help you relax during your root canal appointment. Here are a few options that Dr. Skousen offers:

  • Laughing Gas: As the lightest form of sedation offered, laughing gas will give you drowsy, calming experience while still remaining control of your body and ability to engage in conversation.
  • Daydream: A step-up from laughing gas is daydream sedation, or conscious sedation. For this sedation, Dr. Skousen and his team will give you an oral medication along with laughing gas to put you in a trance-like, calm state.  

  • Sleep: This is the deepest level of sedation that Dr. Skousen offers at Heritage Dentistry. The sedation medication will be placed into your arm, making you feel extremely sleepy. You will not be unconscious during this sedation and you will still be able to move and control your body. For patients that have sensitive teeth or medium to severe dental anxiety, this may be the best option for a quick, comfortable procedure.