If you are missing some or all of your teeth, one restorative dental option that Dr. Skousen may recommend is a partial or full denture. As a more affordable and less invasive alternative to dental implants, full or partial dentures can fill the gaps in your mouth. Overall dentures, either fixed or removable, can fill the gaps where your teeth sat. Restoring your smile can improve your health and enhance your confidence.

Full Dentures

Patients that are missing almost all of their teeth may opt for full dentures. Typically, full dentures are removable and are secured in place with an adhesive or paste. After the initial adjustment to dentures, Dr. Skousen will recommend that you wear your dentures during the day and remove them while you sleep. This will give your gums a chance to relax and rest. It may take a few days or weeks to adjust to your new dentures, but after the initial adjusting period, you will have a beautiful smile and you will be able to eat some foods that you could not eat before.

Partial Dentures

If you are missing a few teeth, Dr. Skousen and his team may recommend a fixed or removable partial denture. A fixed partial denture will fill the gap where your tooth sat little to no adjustment period compared to a full removable denture. A denture differs from a bridge or a crown because it has a soft pink gum-like material to match the natural look and feel of your gums. A bridge can be used to fill the place of one or more teeth by securing the prosthetic tooth to the surrounding teeth. This does not include a gum-like surface, but it still will match the appearance of your natural teeth.

Alternatives To Dentures

Replacing missing teeth is one way you can maintain good oral health. However, dentures are not your only option. Many Heritage Dentistry patients opt for a more natural functioning alternative to dentures, called dental implants. This procedure is more invasive; however, many patients love the functionality and look of their dental implant full mouth restoration. Click below to learn more about dental implants in Frisco, Texas.