Dental Exams

At Heritage Dentistry in Frisco, Texas, we recommend that you receive a dental exam at least once per year. This will help Dr. Skousen closely monitor your oral health to find potential risk areas or problems early. As with most medicine, preventing and treating the disease early is the best way to stay healthy.

What Happens During a Dental Exam?

Depending on your oral and overall health, Dr. Skousen will recommend an appropriate amount of dental exams each year. For a healthy individual with little to no dental concerns, this will probably be once a year. During the dental exam, Dr. Skousen will look at your gums, mouth, and teeth. He will look for potential and current abnormalities, like cavities and gum disease. Many times, patients only feel a dental problem when it has developed into a severe problem. For example, most root canals begin as cavities, which can easily be fixed with a dental filling. However, if left untreated, the cavity can deepen into the middle and inner layer of your tooth, where your nerves are located, causing severe pain. Preventative dentistry and treating dental concerns early is the best way to maintain good oral and overall health.

Are X-Rays Harmful?

Dental x-rays help Dr. Skousen and the Heritage Dentistry team look at the bone below your gums. With this, they can monitor bone loss from periodontal disease, where your previous filings are located, and more. Some patients are worried about the radiation from a dental x-ray. However, it is important to remember that the amount of radiation given off is minimal compared to radiation from everyday objects like microwaves. Further, spotting dental concerns early is beneficial to your oral and overall health which can help reduce your risk of developing heart disease or diabetes. If you have any questions or concerns about the x-ray machines used at Heritage Dentistry, feel free to call our Frisco, Texas office at 469-535-6516.

Oral Cancer Screening in Frisco, Texas

Another advantage of going to a yearly dental exam at Heritage Dentistry is receiving an oral cancer screening from Dr. Skousen and his team. This visual screening helps Dr. Skousen determine if you are at risk of oral cancer. Treating oral cancer early can quicken your recovery time.

A dental exam is important during all stages of life. Preventing and treating dental concerns early is the best way to avoid more serious oral and overall health concerns. For more information about dental exams or to request a dental appointment at Heritage Dentistry, call our Frisco, Texas office at 469-535-6516, today!